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TechMate Power Bank 30,000 MAH for Laptop and Mobile Devices with 10 connectors for Laptop and 6 connectors for  Mobile Phone & Tablets


 1 2Wide Compatibility.
 2 Very Smart and Ultraportable.
 3 Choice of different output voltage helps in charging almost all Notebook Computers and other Electronic Products.
 4 High Tech MCU power management with led display, you can check the battery capacity and status easily which reduces the battery consumption to the lowest.
 5 With several different types of  connectors supplied, Almost all laptop brands are covered.
 6 You can use the adaptor for charging power bank and laptop at the same time, no need of laptop adaptor.
 7 To Charge Mobile Phone (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry...), iPad, PSP, MP3/MP4, DV Camera, Tablet PC, etc…..
 8 TechMate Portable Battery has the  function of displaying power, you can know about the rest power percentage from 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% or no power from the LED indication.
 9 TechMate Portable Battery uses brand-new Top A batteries of LG 646480.
 10 TechMate Portable Battery uses “Dual MOSFET” full-side  protecting circuit to ensure the charging safety.
Technical Specification
Capacity 30000 MAH
Model DCT-PB30000
Brand TechMate
Input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Output DC output : 19V / 3.5A
  USB output: 5V / 2A
Notebook Running Time About 6-8 hours if fully charged (Note the actual running time is also effected by different computer and power settings)
Charging Parameters Charge Current (CC): 3.5A
Charging Voltage (CV): 19V
Charge Time: about 5 hours
Charge indication: Charging Red and Charging full Blue Light
Battery type Lithium-Polymer Battery 
Standard Accessories 1 * Charging Adaptor,
10 * Connectors for Laptop,
6 * Connectors  (Apple 30 pin, Apple 8 Pin,  Samsung mobile , Mini USB, Micro USB & PSP)
User Manual. 
Product Dimension 200 × 126 × 17 mm
Packing Dimension 250 * 180 * 80 mm
Product Weight 600 gms
Package Weight 1.5 Kg
Quality standard  CE ,ROHS ,FCC 

1 * Charging Adaptor,
10 * Connectors for Laptop,
6 * Connectors  (Apple 30 pin, Apple 8 Pin,  Samsung mobile , Mini USB, Micro USB & PSP)
1 x User Manual.